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From online advertising and social media to landing pages and email nurturing, these white papers—compliments of our lead-generation platform Optify—cover the digital marketing strategies & tactics that will beef up your firm's online marketing.

Website Visitor & Lead Intelligence: Your Sales Enablement Secret Weapon

Learn how to use web visitor and lead intelligence to help your sales team win more often.

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Five Steps to Building a Search Persona

Creating a search persona helps marketers to accurately identify their target customer, to understand how users are actually searching for their business online and to ultimately, drive higher conversion. This guide presents the five steps to building a search persona and includes a simple framework you can follow and repeat.Visit White Paper

B2B Marketer's Roadmap to SEO Success

With the right roadmap, resources and tools professional B2B marketers can master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drive a sustainable flow of high-value inbound leads.

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You Can Build a Successful Social Media Campaign

Like other traditional marketing campaigns, social media campaigns require thoughtful planning and implementation. This guide, "How to Build a Successful Social Media Campaign," covers the seven critical steps to execute a successful social media campaign.

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Twitter for Business

 A guide to help Business to Business (B2B) companies use Twitter for lead generation.

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